Friday, August 27, 2010

Wiggle Waggle Walkathon - A Post from Penny

Hi Friends and Family!

Penny here! I'm writing to tell you about some doggies and kitties who need our help! Last year my sister Kelly told me all about these doggies and kitties who don't have homes and need to stay with the Ottawa Humane Society until they find a new place to live. I couldn't believe that all doggies and kitties don't have a home like Kelly and me! We have so many toys and couches to sleep on! We even have a big backyard to play in and kitties to munch on... Oops, forget about that last part!

Anyways, last year we wiggled and waggled with moms and dads to help out other doggies and kitties who aren't as lucky as me and Kelly! Kelly and I had so much fun! I can't wait to wiggle and waggle again! This year we are wiggling and waggling with a group of other friendly dogs (and maybe a few humans too) from moms work! So we was wondering if you would help us again to raise some much needed money for the doggies and kitties who really need it!

Anything you could spare would be great! Dads website worked really well last year, we raised $145 in just a few days! This year we are setting our goal a little higher, $250! Dads set up a website again. There are photos of Kelly, moms, dads and me having lots of fun. You can visit the website and donate while you are there! The address is...

Thanks so much!


(with help from Moms)

PS. The top photo is how Penny will look if she doesn't reach her fundraising goal, oh so sad.  The bottom photo is how Penny will look if she reaches her fundraising goal, very, very happy.

A note from Melissa (AKA moms):  I don't usually ask for anything through this blog, however, this is an important charity for our family.  We have 4 cats and 2 dogs (I know, we're crazy!) and 3 of our cats came from the Humane Society.  Our animals bring so much joy to our lives and we would not be who we are without them.  Please consider donating, if you are able.  No amount is too small!  Thanks in advance for your support!

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