Thursday, September 16, 2010

Single Skein September

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it's halfway through September already?  Where does the time go?

I have spent the past few months getting to know Jenny and Nicole from the Stash and Burn Podcast.  By getting to know them I mean, listening to their podcast, all 96 episodes, right from the beginning.  When I find something I like, this is what I tend to do, I start at the beginning and work my way through.  Stash and Burn has become one of my favourite knitting podcasts.

For the past several years, the podcast has hosted Single Skein Septemeber, in hopes of burning up those single skeins we all have kicking around.  I have already completed two small single skein projects this month, totally by coincidence.

Cell Phone Cozy

Gwen's Pumpkin

Today and I went through and found a few more from my ever-growing Queue.  I have no idea how it got so big!

My Single Skein project goals are as follows:

Little Zebra Mittens

Single Skein Prop Hat

Single Skein Diaper Cover Prop

Single Skeins Cabled Baby Vest

Are you taking part in Single Skein September? 

Check out the Stash and Burn Ravelry Group for more information!


  1. Looks great. I would take part if I weren´t busy finishing the itty-bitty toy knit and all my UFOs.

  2. This is an awesome idea. I have so many single skeins of yarn! Although, I probably wouldn't get to any projects until October, the idea still works. :)