Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blueberries and Raspberries

This weekend we bought ourselves some blueberry and raspberry bushes.  They have happily been transplanted into our front gardens where they will get full sun and lots of TLC. 


We lucked out and found several great varieties for home gardeners:  For the blueberries we got Northland, Blueray and Jersey and for the raspberries we got heritage and boyne.  I'm mostly blogging their names to help me remember what we got!

We found our plants for 50% off so we got 3 raspberry plants and three blueberry plants.  The plants had been living in pots all summer, but they seemed healthy and were definitely willing to leave their pots to live with us!

I also picked up some daffodil bulbs that I will plant when the rest of my bulbs turn up.

We were quite happy with the nursery I selected.  It is the Carleton Place Nursery and we will be going back there for sure.  Everything was really healthy, well organized and the staff was very helpful too.

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  1. Those look great. With some heavy watering before frost your bushes should be producing for you next year.