Monday, November 15, 2010

Malabrigo Cargo Pants

It took a while, but I finally finished my Malabrigo Cargo pants.

I ran out of the Polar Morn and needed to do the waist and pockets in a contrast colour.  I like how they turned out still, the blue brings a nice pop to them.

The pants seem a little large for a size medium, but what do I know about baby sizes? 

I made the pockets functional and used an encased elastic waistband (my favourite).  I love the cuff on these pants too!

I really want to make a Newsboy Hat in the blue to match these pants.  I think that would be so cute!

Here are a few more pics:

Malabrigo is awesome, so squishy and soft.  I've had several people recommend soakers for smaller babies out of Malabrigo.  I think it would feel great against a babies senstive skin.  I'll have to add some to my queue.

Ravelry project page here

Since I'm blogging about Malabrigo, have you heard of MrYarn?  They sell Malabrigo supercheap (7.95 US for Malabrigo Worsted) and have flat shipping to (even to Canada!  yay!).  They also have a lot of colours and all different weights of Malabrigo.  I'm not sure how they do it (sell for so cheap that is), but I can't wait to order from them.

I will say, I haven't ordered from them yet so I can't speak to their customer service, etc.  I have just heard a growing buzz about them lately, and wanted to share!  Let me know if you order from them okay?

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