Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whose a Mama? Monster

I started knitting this monster a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant.  I love that she is a mama, and a baby carrying mama at that.  I can't wait to be a baby carrying mama.  It would be very convenient to have a built in pouch to carry around the baby (like a kangaroo).  I think I'll have to find myself a good carrier instead.

Anyways, the pattern is  Daphne and Delilah the Momma and Baby Monster by Rebecca Danger and I knit it using Spud & Chloe in Rootbeer and Grass.  It was a quick project, but took a long time for me to get around to photographing it.

I had had trouble with the mouths on my previous monsters Ivy and Ludwig so for this set I wanted to look for another option (last time I used fabric glue, it was messy and didn't work that well, especially on Ivy, who has a small mouth).  This time I found some doublesided fabric tape and used it to stick the felt mouth onto the monsters.  You set the tape by throwing the monsters into the dryer for a few minutes.  It seemed to work fine.  The doublestick tape also created a little bit of stability for the felt, which can be hard to work with if you are making a small mouth.  It tends to pull apart.

I'm really happy with how the pair turned out.

For the rest of this week and next, I am going to have a series of posts talking about my experiences with TTC (trying to conceive).  I will probably mix a few knitting posts in there too, but I think the whole TTC experience is a very important part of having a baby and I'd like to share my experience with all of you.  There are a lot of ups and downs, and I consider our experience fairly short (thank goodness).  The whole series is probably PG13, due to the nature of the discussion topic.  I'll be sure to put a bit of a disclaimer with each post.

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  1. Mamma & baby are so cute! :) I like that you used green & brown. Looking forward to your TTC series. :)