Thursday, January 6, 2011

Um, that's a baby in there!

I know this is hopelessly out of order, but I just have to share.

Yesterday we had our second ultrasound and saw this little guy (yes, I'm calling the baby a guy, even though there is no proof either way at this point!).

This is what we saw!

Wow!  Is that a baby or what?  At first my bladder was super full.  He / she was sort of pushing it away, trying to get extra room for himself.  So cute.

I got to pee twice during the ultrasound.  Apparently I drank a little too much before hand (water - of course!).

Eventually he / she settled down into this reclined position, I swear his arms are stretched out under his head.  Maybe not, but super cute regardless.

When you're pregnant you know that there is a baby in there, but until you see something like this, it doesn't quite feel real.  We had an ultrasound at 8 1/2 weeks and he / she was just a little gummy bear.  No arms or legs, just a little lump.  What a difference a few weeks makes!

This ultrasound is part of the Infant Screening Program (ISP) for chromosomal abnormalities including downs syndrome.  We don't have any increased risk or family history, but thought we would take advantage of the program, just in case.  There are two blood tests to assess in conjunction with the ultrasound, but so far everything looks good.

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  1. What a wonderful ultrasound picture! Everything is so clear. Cute baby! :)