Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Second Trimester Pregnancy Journal: Week 21

My baby girl knitting yarn has arrived!

As soon as we found out we were having a baby girl, I made a large(ish) order from WEBs to make a whole bunch of girly sweaters and assessories.  I was fully expecting to have to pay duty, since the order was over the $70 they usually let slip by, but lucky me, no duty!

Here are some of my spoils:

I am going to use this Nashua Creative Focus Superwash for a Hello Baby Cardigan.  I actually got a bunch of colours of this yarn, since it was on sale for $5.00 a ball and is superwash (good yardage too).  I haven't used it before, but the colours are nice and it feels soft enough.

This Nature Wool Chunky by Araucania knit up wonderfully into a Baby Sophisticate sweater. I love the colour variation in each skein (be sure to knit from both skeins since they do not have dye lots!)  My project page is here although it still needs to be updated.  I wished that the button hole row was more clearly labelled in the pattern, it didn't end up working out for me at all, and although I added extra length, my sweater ended up quite short.  I am blocking it to be longer right now, so hopefully it'll be okay.  Of course, I didn't really pay attention to gauge, so the problems are probably my fault.  Also, the pattern recommends 255 yards, and I had 260 yards available yet I have a tonne of this left over somehow...  Watch for photos of the finished object soon!

Next up I am going to make Snug with this Cascade Eco +

I am hoping I will have enough left over for a Quinny hat for me although goodness knows I don't need it!

I have a whopping 14 baby sweaters worth of yarn to work through over the next little while.  I have recently finished 4 sweaters though, so I am well on my way.  I will be posting lots of finished objects in the near future.  Some are just waiting for buttons and such.


  1. I still have the sweater and matching toy elephant you made my little girl!

    I can't wait to see Bébé in the neighbourhood with her suave knitted-by-Momma sweaters! We'll be so envious... :)

  2. Hi, just found you through a random blog search and thought I'd say "hi".

    I'm expecting my first baby in September this year and not only am I crocheting a couple of blankets, but my Grandma is knitting a tons of cardigans, hats and mittens and another friend is on the crocheting case too... isn't it wonderful making things in anticipation of your new arrival?

    You have some beautiful yarns there, I cannot wait to see the end products!