Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm a Superhero

It's true.  I don't feel shy about saying so anymore.  I know it's absolutely 100% true.

Afterall, I grew a baby for 9 months.  I gave her a safe place to grow into the little person she is today.  Okay, in all honesty, she's not that little (although she is young), that also makes me a superhero.  I gave birth to a 9 lb, 4 oz. baby, without medication.  If that doesn't make me a superhero, I don't know what does.

Some people might think my head has gotten a little inflated over this whole birth thing... So what, I had a baby, like millions of women before.  Big deal right?  Well, it's a big deal to me, and isn't that what matters?

I didn't know I could do it.  We planned for a home birth, but always knew that it might not be our reality.  Only 30% of women who hope for a home birth end up having one.  The majority of the remaining 70% are transferred to the hospital for pain management.  We went into the whole thing with open minds, knowing that the pain might be too much, that I might need to have my baby at the hospital.

I had concerns about childbirth, doesn't everyone?  I ended up trying not to think about it too much, which mostly worked for me.  I just hoped and trusted that my body would do what it needed to do to safely deliver my baby.  I trusted my midwives and that's really all anyone can do.

This isn't my birth story, I'll share that soon enough.  For now, all I really wanted to express is that giving birth makes me a superhero.  However it happens, for any mother, I'm guessing you come out the other side feeling this way.  I hope that for all other mothers anyways.

In the days following giving birth to Sylvie, I had never felt more empowered.  I cried about it (happy, emotional tears) several times, and it still makes me teary thinking about it.  I have such an amazing birth story - it fills me with strength, joy, love and trust.  I trusted myself and that was what was right.  What a gift my daughter has given me.  I am so lucky.


  1. Thank you for sharing this and your previous posts! As a soon-to-be-mama (almost 36 weeks) I am so grateful to read the honest thoughts and feelings of others.

    I always thought I wanted a homebirth but with our nearest hospital able to deal with emergencies being 45mins by ambulance away we just didn't feel we could "risk" it, not when I have been so ill through pregnancy. But I still hope to have as natural a birth as possible and it's good to see that going into labour with an open mind can work out well for both mum and baby!

    So glad you're feeling like a superhero... any woman who carries a baby and then gives birth sure deserves to feel like one. How amazing are our bodies? It doesn't matter that millions of women have done it before us, it is still a remarkable thing and we can never take away the power of that!

    I hope the breastfeeding is still going well. I'm worried about the 2 hourly feeds too.

    Looking forward to reading more as you walk this new path called motherhood xx

  2. Thank you so much for posting this exquisite photo. As a mom of 10, a home birth mother x5, I found it profoundly moving to see the birth of a family so beautifully captured in film.
    A home birth is so intensely emotional and spiritual. My husband and I were changed by sharing the birth of our children so privately; it made our relationship to each other and to our children so much stronger. Sue