Monday, January 25, 2010


It's pouring rain and I'm working from home. Work is getting worse and worse lately - I'm uninspired and it has just become too easy.

When I think about what I love about my life, there are lots of things (not in any particular order):

- I love my husband, who is full of (nearly) endless patience for me
- I love my dogs, who wiggle to make me smile and who smell better than any other doggies I know
- I love knitting, it challenges me and gives me something constructive to do, when I give things away, it makes me happy because it makes others happy
- I love my family and my friends

I wasn't always sure I'd want a child, I just wasn't sure how a baby would fit into my life. When my life became our life, I started to slowly reconsider.
When my best friend gave birth to her daughter, I continued to reconsider. Although Mary is not my niece, I think I will refer to her as such for this blog, I mean, you're not always related to your family right?
Mary is beautiful and happy and brought my friend to life in a whole new way. Mary lights up the room and love radiates from her Mom.
It's easy to want to be a mom when you are around that kind of influence.

And there is my husband, so good with our pets, so good with children. It would be wrong for him to not be a dad. So I've made my decision (of course, he is on board, since it's not just my decision).

This is a new a exciting journey for me, one I wasn't always sure I'd be making, and yet, it can't start yet.
There are always things you need to do to prepare for having a baby, for us, there is one big thing that I need before we can start:

A better job.
Everyone is looking for a better job right? Well, I have a good job, I know I am lucky to have it. However, we have a big house in the country and if I want to care for the baby, we will still need money to pay for that big house. If I can get a job in the government, they will pay most of my salary for my entire maternity leave and they will be okay with it when I only return to work part time afterwards. If I stay where I am, I will get 55% of my current salary, which just isn't enough.
So I need a better job...
and to take prenatel vitamins, and to get into better shape and to knit!

I have no idea how long this journey will last, or how long this blog will last, but isn't that part of the adventure?
I'll post about my knitting progress and my progress with everything else over the coming months. I hope you'll join me!


  1. Hello Melissa,

    What a fun blog. Even though I am in the grandmother stage of my life, I live with my daughter and granddaughter ( who was adopted from Russia), so I enjoy seeing how your generation deals with motherhood. I will keep following you.

    barb in Michigan
    aka Knitting thru the "itty bittys".

  2. I think it's wonderful you're going to be so prepared for motherhood. I wasn't really planning to be a mother and during one uncareful month (hehehe) I got pregnant. My little guy's changed my life so much- for the most part it's absolutely wonderful, but part of me's mourning the loss of my life before I had him.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that had I been prepared for motherhood I could have easily said goodbye to my pre-motherhood days. I love being a mother and I love my son more than any words can describe, and I'm so happy about his addition to our family. Good luck with ttc!

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