Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I had a bad experience with the carrot in Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh. It was a total disaster and wasted a whole night of knitting.  This happens occassionally and I went to bed feeling grumpy and frustrated. 

Yesterday I completed 3 mushrooms. Can you see them hanging out with the rest of their veggy friends?

This is a great pattern and is available for free here.  It requires tight knitting, so my hands hurt today, but each mushroom took me about an hour to knit.  Once you get the pattern down you can adjust it to make mushrooms of different shapes and proportions. 

These two are mostly based on the pattern:

The largest mushroom I modified to be bigger and flatter.  It is by far my favourite of the bunch:

I like the way they look when grouped together.  I want to make more of these, but will have to move on to something else if I want to finish my Ravelympic goals.

 I am feeling better about the carrot situation and may try the pattern again today.


  1. Your veggies look so cute! Excellent job. You'll have to knit a frying pan so you can make a stir fry with them, lol.

  2. A fellow NNK Ravelete here. Way to go on the veggies and mushrooms!!