Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'd Rather be Knitting

I currently live about 6 hours away from my Mother, Father and Sister. I miss getting to see them often, but mostly I know that I am better off where I am (in terms of employment, lifestyle and sanity).

I have gotten used to living my life with my husband and our small-ish menagerie of animals. I often work from our home in the country and sometimes don't leave our neighbourhood for several days at a time. I've included a photo of our home below.  Seriously, I love this house.  I could hide out here with my husband (and my knitting) forever if life would allow it!

~Home Sweet Home~

I am an introvert and find myself exhausted by parties and social gatherings outside of my closest inner circle. I don't mind this about myself and find that knitting has only encouraged this behaviour. I always find myself wishing that I was home knitting instead of ... (fill in the blank). Of course, I make myself go out to socialize. I go to parties and visit with friends and family even when I would rather be home knitting.

This weekend is my Father's 60th Birthday. A big event to be sure, but one I'd hoped to celebrate with our immediate family for a variety of reasons. I feel like the last few years have been full of parties featuring the same crowd my parents run with (can parents 'run with' a crowd?). Between my own wedding, anniversaries, retirements and other events, I felt like asking the same people to attend yet another party hosted by our famiy was a bit of a burden. We always say "best wishes only" but of course, no one ever listens and everyone brings a gift.

I suggested a night out in Toronto, featuring a nice dinner and a show for myself, my husband, my sister and my mom and my dad. We could celebrate the occasion quietly and without all the fanfair I am sure my dad isn't interested in. I knew it would be a fun treat to surprise my dad with an unexpected visit from us and I know that that is a gift he would truly enjoy.

Despite my protests, our neighbours insisted on a surprise party and said they would host it and deal with all of the headaches these events always bring. The only night they could have it was this Friday at 6pm. It pains me to know that I won't be there in time for the surprise (driving all day takes, well, all day and we still have to work!) and I know that my Dad will wonder why we are not there to celebrate with him.

Of course, when we turn up, late, with the dogs and a dozen bottles of wine in tow (yes, somehow this expensive offering has been delegated to me, the only person who is driving 1200 kms round trip to be in attendance) all will be revealed and our busy weekend will begin.

I know I will have a nice time with my dad on Saturday. I know he will have a nice time and will enjoy the brief time we get to spend with him.

We will be packing the car up first thing on Sunday morning to get back to Ottawa to all the obligations life throws at us... Working 3 jobs (my husband) and taking tests hoping for a new job (me) as well as caring for our crew and keeping our house (mostly) standing.

Whew. Thanks for listening readers. I really needed to vent that out, in as nice a way as possible.
Can you tell that I don't want what I am headed for this weekend? You guessed it, I'd rather be knitting.

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