Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Room for a Baby

When we purchased our house from the previous owners, they were using one of the bedrooms as a room for their 10 month old twins.  A boy and girl were using the room, so it had be fairly gender neutral. 

The best photo I have of the room is from when the previous owners were still living here.  When we moved our stuff in, we took photos of each room while it was empty, with the exception of this one, which held all of our terrified cats until it was safe for them to explore and settle in.

So obviously, the baby furniture is gone, but the paint colours remain.  They are my favourite colours actually, which means we won't likely need to repaint.  However, I know it won't feel like our babies room until our own personal stamp is on it.

I love the idea of Vinylwallart's Two-Colour Tree Decal for creating a woodland themed bedroom that would be perfect for either a boy or a girl.  The biggest sized tree is approximately 53"H x 39"W and you can choose the colours for the tree and leaves.

I'd fill the room with animal themed toys, books and baby gear (see next post).

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