Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teething Rings & Organic Yarn

I've been scouring etsy for some cool learning toys today.  It's bad news when I do this, there is just so much cool stuff out there!  A lot of it I can make, I even have a few suggestions of things my husband can make (blocks, etc.).

I became totally obsessed with babus toys organic wool felted teething rings and ring toys:

It's $11 US for the 3 ring and $16 US for the bigger version.  Well priced for sure, but I know this is something I can make!

I spent last night visiting with baby M and her mom - and I know baby M (who is 7 months now) will be teething soon.  That led me on the search for organic wool to make some ring teethers for baby M.  Apparently these ones can be put in the freezer to get icy cold and many commerical teething helpers no longer can.  Plus, they're just cute.

My husband would kill me if he knew I bought more yarn - but I did!  It looks super yummy and is from Pancake and Lulu Handspun and Handpainted Yarn.  It's organic and she is working towards using low-impact dyes as well.

I chose the Handpainted Millspun Worsted weights in Ink, Tangerine and Green Tea.  You can't find them in the etsy store right now because they are mine! 

 Aimee has lots of great stuff to choose from - handspun, millspun, and novelty yarns in a tonne of yummy colours!  A skein of 140 yards of worsted weight yarn costs $10 US.  There is also a great yarn club that I am dying to be a part of.  You can sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months and get yarn delivered to you every month!

Make sure to check out her etsy site and visit her blog .

I'll keep you posted on the arrival of this yarn, and on the teethers that follow. 


  1. These are amazing. What pattern did you use?

  2. Hi! I just saw this comment. I haven't made these yet, my yarn just came in. What I am planning to do is knit a long rectangle and an i-cord of the same length. Then I will slip the i-cord into the rectangle and sew the whole thing closed. I'll do this 3 times, making sure to loop the 2nd and 3rd rings around the first ring (or in a chain) before closing. Since these are felted, the seam from being sewn up shouldn't show too much. I've only felted once before and it took 2 cycles in our front loading HE washer (on hot). I'll be working on this project after the ravelympics and will post more then!