Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Onesie!

I have done something with one of the onesies I bought a few weeks ago.  I was nervous about ruining them, but today, just dove in.

I used double-sided heat bond light to put the fabric cutout onto the onesie.  I had to iron at a higher temperature than recommended to get it to fuse, but it did eventually.

This onesie will still need to be stitched so that it can make it through the wash.  I think if you get the heavier heat bond it will fuse and not require sewing but I was worried it would be too stiff for such a light piece of clothing.

I love this fabric.  It has so many great images.  I should definitely do more onesies from it.  Here is a small sample I don't think I have shared before:

There is a great tree with an owl, the polar bear, moose and buffalo you can see here.  I used the porcupine above and there is also a cute beaver and a goose. 

I think all of these images would be great on onesies, bibs, blankets, etc.

Since I love the tree so much, here is a close up (you can see the beaver and goose in this shot too):

I am going to have to pick up some more stuff to appliqué this weekend!


The onesie post sewing:

I found a setting on my sewing machine that does appliqué edge stitching.  I realised as I was sewing this that perhaps this images was a little complicated for my first attempt.  Oh well, I think it turned out pretty well overall.  Click the photo to see more detail!

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