Monday, March 8, 2010

Hazelnut Bunny

This weekend my husband and I were doing some shopping. He doesn't know about this blog and although we talk often about having a baby, I am slowly warming him up to the sort of preparations I am already making. I occasionally show him a project I am working on, or have finished and point out things I would like when we have a baby.

We were looking for some onesies for a friends baby (to be born this week) and he wandered over to the crib section. All by himself he picked out a nice, dark wood crib. It was beautiful and the kind I would love to have. I squeezed his hand and we wandered off again. It makes me happy to see him thinking about having a baby too.

Today I made a Hazelnut bunny for Mary's easter basket. I was happy to actually have everything I needed to complete the project on a whim. It is a simple pattern and I'm happy with the way it worked out.  He doesn't photograph well, his quirky face angles make it difficult, but he is very cute in person!

I used my eco-fi felt for most of him (the brown), as suggested in the pattern, but the stomach and ears (white with brown dots) is some fabric I am using in the Simple Modern Baby Quilt. I used light fusible interface so that the edges didn't fray when it was cut and sewn and it gave it a little more substance.

I also wasn't in the mood to handsew as the pattern suggested, so I used the blanket stitch on my sewing machine again. This is the same stitch I used on the onesie last week. I like the way it looks on the bunny. It was a lot easier to do the stitch this time around. Practice makes perfect I guess!

I shared the pattern for the hazelnut bunny before, but here it is again. It is free and would make a perfect addition to any Easter basket!

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  1. That bunny is super cute. Too bad I'm a mess when it comes to the sewing machine!