Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Delivery...

Does anyone out there have any good Delivery or Labour stories? Anyone?

It seems that everyone around me has negative memories surrounding their labours:

Horror stories of four days of active labour, unsympathetic staff, bodies that don't co-operate or babies that get stuck. It sure puts a girl off of the traditional idea of childbirth.

Intellectually, I know there are plenty of good medical reasons to try for a vaginal birth over an elective caesarean. I tried to 'research' and find some facts from reputable sources, but didn't have much luck, so I'll quote a few statements from A small disclaimer: I know nothing about this organization, and they don't have an "About Us" to tell me who funds them, or what their true agenda is.

Nonetheless, states:
  •  cesarean section poses documented medical risks to the mother's health, including infections, hemorrhage, transfusion, injury to other organs, anesthesia complications, psychological complications, and a maternal mortality two to four times greater than that for a vaginal birth.
  • An elective cesarean section increases the risk to the infant of premature birth and respiratory distress syndrome, both of which are associated with multiple complications, intensive care and burdensome financial costs. Even mature babies, the absences of labor increases the risk of breathing problems and other complications.
  • Cesareans can delay the opportunity for early mother-newborn interaction, breastfeeding and the establishment of family bonds.
I also think that there are times when a mother knows what is best for her, and four days of painful contractions with no dilation is not good for a mother.

All this comes up because I have a friend who has been in labour since Sunday (today is Wednesday!). Her twin sister gave birth last year through a C-Section after enduring painful contractions for over 24 hours and not dilating. She had a midwife who could be her advocate and say 'Enough is Enough'. My current friend does not, and has encountered staff that would rather gossip and ignore her than provide any kind of support. She is not dilating, nothing is happening, she is delirious with exhaustion and has been asking for an epidural since Monday. They won't even admit her.
I'd love to hear a few good delivery experiences: Stories filled with helpful doctors and support staff, quick and painless deliveries, or long deliveries, but ones that weren't overly traumatic to both the Mother and Baby.
Please contact me through the contact button or through Ravelry (username: melissabear). If you're will to share with me, I'd love it. If you're willing to share with everyone, that would be great too. We've been watching X-Files lately and I can't help but think that 'I want to Believe' there are good experiences out there. I just haven't heard of any yet!


  1. my labor was around 12 hours with two hours of pushing. my nurse was amazing and let me try natural methods of coping before i ended up asking for my epidural. While it was still a bit painful and the pushing was the hardest thing i have ever done, i overall had a great birth experience. i loved my hospital. i had done all my research and knew a lot of what to expect and what i wanted. they followed my lead and everything went really well.. don't let all the horror stories scare you. if you are nervous maybe get a doula so you have someone to speak on your behalf.

  2. I had a beautiful experience.

    Short version: Obsessed with going natural (no pain meds), but had to be induced because of potential medical complications. My wonderful wonderful doctor tried inducing me through less invasive processes, but in the end I had to have pitocin. I got the pit at 9, my water broke at 10, screaming in pain by 10:01, finally broke down and got the epidural at 11:00, ready to push by noon. Baby wasn't ready so we waited for him to drop for a few hours. The pushing stage was rough because he was in OT position, his face was to the side and I had trouble pushing him over my pelvis. I had a wonderful staff support group. After 2 hours of really intense pushing, he came out. He was 8 lbs, 5 oz; a good sized baby!

    I think the best part was after, I got to room in with him, had no problems with staff support with breastfeeding, they encouraged me and were there to help me. They honored all my wished (no binky or bottle) and they treated me with so much love and respect. It was a phenominal experience.

    I didn't do my Kegals because I hated them. Boy did I pay for it though! I had a huge tear but it's all healed now.

    Anyway, I realize you're in Canada and healthcare is much different than it is in the US. I hope you get the birth that you plan for. And no matter how traumatic it may be, it will still be a good experience because after all, YOU'RE HAVING A BABY! I don't think anything could top that!

  3. I had a lovely birth experience. I suggest reading anything by Ina Mae. There are amazing birth stories in her books that helped this nervous first time mama through relaxing through contractions and an almost home birth...we had to transfer to the hosp in the last two hours because of meconium (baby poop) but I found the nurses amazing, and even at the hosp with the highest c sect rate in canada, my little guy was born naturally and without any meds.