Monday, March 29, 2010

Update: Felted Balls

I wanted to share a quick update regarding my felted balls.  They kinda worked, but I ended up ordering from Ornamentea anyways.  I just can't deny that I want those colours (I chose Spectrum and Retro) and they just look different.

Here is a photo of  my finished felted balls:

They look like balls of yarn.  Often you can still see the yarn, they aren't very fuzzy.  Not at all like the ones you can buy. 

Also, I put half through the wash cycle twice.  My husband would kill me.  It was the long, super hot, 2 hours cycle.  I had to do it while he was away at work!  He hates it when I wash small loads, even if our washing machine is ultra efficient and uses very little water and energy.  That's just him.

It cost me $20 for 100 balls (1cm and 2cm mix), plus about $5 shipping.  I will have enough felted balls to last me quite a while I think!

I'd still like to hear from anyone who has tried  the Wooly Fabulous pattern for making felt balls.  Her etsy feedback is good.  Maybe next time I will buy that pattern.

Verdict: Making felt balls isn't really worth it, and you just don't get the same effect.

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