Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gettin' Busy with Cloud9 Fabrics

I've been having a great time playing with my Cloud9 Fabrics.  Remember, the ones I ordered from Pink Panda Fabrics.  I blogged about them here.  They are just as beautiful in person!

I picked up some coordinating solids to stretch the fabrics super far.  Plus, I just love the way a solid and a pattern look together.

So far I have made this:

My toadstool doesn't stand on its own.  It does have a rattle component though.
Free Pattern Here

Not to worry, the toadstool has lots of support...

Because I finished off several of these: 

One of them has a bell inside.  Free Pattern Here

Now I am going to move on to this.

Stay tuned!


  1. Really really beautiful! I've tried sewing a bit, but I really prefer knitting, lol. Which do you like more?

  2. I was sewing when I was younger on my mom's oldie-but-goodie singer. We found an old singer at a garage sale a few years ago, and A tried to fix it up, but it gave me so many problems, I would get so frustrated.

    This year we found me a slightly used Singer Curvy with lots of stitches. It is super easy to thread and has made sewing fun again. I'm enjoying doing both right now, but knitting is still my obsession.

    It is satisfying that I can pop upstairs and come down a few hours later with a ball or a hat, or whatever.

    You'll love the project I am showing tomorrow, It's my favourite so far!

  3. beautiful... i really want to learn to sew. I have hinted a million times that i want a sewing machine for my birthday in July. We'll see what happens! great job!