Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eden Scarf

The second knit item I included in the Cathcart's Spring package was an Eden Scarf knit with Noro Kureyon.  I had never knit with Noro before, but had heard great things about their colourways.  I was pretty excited to knit this scarf because I think it is beautiful and there are some great examples posted on Ravelry.

The pattern for the scarf is found in the book Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together.  I borrowed the book from the library which I think is good because there weren't really another other patterns that I was drawn to.  The idea behind the book is to include projects that can be made by a number of people and pieced together.  Nice idea, just not really my particular style.  Also, I have no friends locally that knit.

Knitting with the Noro Kureyon was a bit of a surprise.  I expected it to be softer and less rustic than it was.  There were often little pieces of twig and grass mixed in with the yarn.  I picked all that out when I could.  The colours were nice, but I'd hoped they'd be a little brighter than the were.  It is so hard buying yarn online sometimes!  I added a little conditioner to the water when I was soaking it for blocking.  I think that helped soften it up a little.  Blocking is a must for this project, otherwise the leaves will end up all crumpled.  I don't really think that the leaves in the photo in the book were blocked.  They have that 'just knit' look to them.

Overall, I'm happy with the scarf.  It looked cute when I tried it on myself and I hope Kimberly will want to wear it.  If not though, I figure that's okay.  It would make a cute decoration of some sort I think too.

The pattern was simple to follow and I liked the overall outcome.  The pattern included flowers to knit and attach to the scarf, which I left off.

Scarf pre-blocking.  Modeled by Penny.  Doesn't she look impressed?

My project notes are here.

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