Monday, April 26, 2010


I am very excited to show off my Frenchie Hat, knit for the Itty Bitty Knits Group's Springtime in Paris Swap.  It is such a cute little hat and was very quick to knit using Berroco Vintage. 

I love these colours together.  I used Brown Sugar, Juniper (the dark blue), Sour Cherry and Aquae (light blue).  These are just a few of the fantastic colours available in the Vintage line.  I have nearly all of the colours available, I'm a tiny bit obsessed.

It is soft and squishy and washable, which makes it great for kiddy stuff.  It washes really well actually, although I always recommend laying flat to dry.

I love that it is kid friendly, but not in boring pastel colours (you know the ones I'm talking about used in all the baby yarn out there). 

It is made with 40% wool, 50% Acrylic and 10% Nylon.  It's also well priced at around $6.00 US for 217 yards.

Check out my project page if you want to see more projects made with Vintage.  There are a lot there!
I think it is getting more popular lately, which is great.  I'd love to see new colours in this line.

Oh ya, back to the hat.  I wasn't super excited to knit this pattern, I'm not sure why.  Once I got started with these colours though, it really flew off my needles.  I probably finished it in about a day.  The different textures are fun.  My crochet wave looks okay.. I'm not a crochet-er, that much is obvious.  I actually think it looked better before I wrapped it.  Things tend to get wonky when I wrap crochet chains. 

This is just one part of the Springtime in Paris swap.  I still have to knit some Jelly Bean Baby Socks to include.  I also have a few Paris inspired goodies that I am including (but those are top secret for now!).

Today it is absolutely beautiful outside.  I had to take a break from work to photograph the hat (and some stash too) outside. 

These photos were taken on my front porch.  I'll probably head out there again soon to knit... I hope it's sunny where you are too!


  1. It looks great! I love the colors. I know what you mean about not wanting to knit the hat. I don't know what it was about it, but I was dreading it a little bit. Maybe it's the embroidery? Anyway, it's not a hat I would have made were it not for this swap. But now that I have made it, it is so cute and it was a fantastic pattern. I would have missed out if I didn't do this swap. Again, great job on your Frenchie!

  2. Love your hat Melissa,
    I finished mine late, late last night :0)
    I really enjoyed making it, I was super excited about buying new yarn and colours for it instead of using stash as originally planned and I do hope my swap pal likes it :0)
    Frenchie on ravelry is going to be full of swap hats :0)
    Love Mel x x