Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lots to do...

I've been working through my "To-knit list" (see right sidebar) and wanting to start some new projects.  However, it occurred to me last night that I have a lot of ongoing projects in both sewing and knitting that I should wrap up before I start some new ones.

Maybe by listing all my ongoing projects here I will commit to finishing them!


Bulky Baby Blanket

Prop Earflap Hat and Prop Stocking Hat

Caramilk Ruffled Soaker

Asymmetrical Dots and Stripes Fingerless Gloves

Blue Sky Bunny
Jelly Bean Baby Socks (for swap)
Quilt - Appliqué-ing tree on front (goal is to finish top only, still need to buy fabric for back
Baby wipes (probably about 24 already cut, need to sew these)
Bucket Hat - from Cloud9 fabric (to keep)
Yellow Bird Onsie - this will take about an hour to hand sew
Baby Leg warmers - must sew one seam, this will be quick to finish!
2 jean bibs
Felted Sweater Cupcakes
As you can see I have LOTS to work on.  I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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