Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reversible Skirt

The second skirt I made was from at pattern at Sew a Straight Line.  It is called the Domesticated Skirt and I love it.  I would wear it every day if I could.  I already have the fabric to make a second one.

It is reversible and I find once I've worn it for a while and the butt is wrinkley, I can just flip it around and out fall the wrinkles.

The pattern is really easy.  For the skirt, you are literally sewing two straight lines (ie. sewing the two pieces of fabric together).  The bias tape isn't difficult, but it takes a bit of time.  We specifically chose fabric for the bias tape in a colour I almost never wear (pink).  I love the contrast been the mellow gray and the happy pink.  It does mean though, that I don't (yet) have a cute coordinating shirt to match.

Interested in making your own bias tape?  I used this DIY tutorial.  I seriously got so much satisfaction from making the bias tape.  I took photos I was so pleased with myself:

The one modification I made to the pattern is suggested in the comments.  If you don't secure the sides of the skirt together, the inside fabric will peek out.  This ended up bugging me more than I thought it would, but was an easy fix.  I sewed another straight line about 4 inches in, on both sides.  I used a light, matching thread and you can't really even tell it is there, but it holds everything in place.


I purchased 3 meters of fabric for this skirt, so it cost 3 times as much as the first skirt I made ($15).  However, it's two looks in one and I had a lot of the pink fabric left over (I need to work  on my bias tape making technique so I don't have so much waste.  More on that soon!).

If you consider that I get two looks from this skirt, the price per skirt is about $7.50.

PS.  I've updated my first skirt blog entry to include a few close up shots of the skirt.  Check it out again here.

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  1. So, uh, total stalker here. But in a search to find someone else who made this skirt and emailed me about it, I came across yours. It looks great. I was wondering if I could include it in a feature post I'm doing soon?