Saturday, May 22, 2010

Trail Cap and Robeeze Booties

I have finished my final obligation in knitting for a while.  I am going to try not to take on anything else that I feel obligated to knit for a while.

Turquoise Trail Cap also blogged about here.

I think the set turned out quite well and I am excited to gift it away.

It was an odd feeling when I finished this set.  I didn't know what to do next!

I started a pair of French Press Slippers for me.  I need a pair since I am wearing skirts around the house these days.  Part of wearing skirts means ditching my socks I guess.  My husband prefers if I don't wear my cute new skirts with socks, he says it ruins the look.  I guess I understand.

I hope when I write about what my husband wants it doesn't sound like I am being all submissive and domestic.  The reality is, my husband is super patient with all my crazy knitting, sewing and other endeavors.  He gives so much to me, all the time.  If me wearing skirts this summer and not wearing socks with my skirts (even though my feet get cold) is what he wants, so be it!  That's why I need the French Press Slippers.  They will keep my feet warm and look cute!

I am currently making a pair with Chocolate Heathers Cascade 220.  I also have Green Apple in the Cascade 220 for another pair.  The 2nd pair will be green with brown soles and brown trim.  Cascade 220 has been on sale at WEBs for the past month, so I stocked up a bit.

I felted my sweaters and I think I over-felted them a little.  I lost a bit too much of the knit pattern I think.  That was just through one sanitation cycle on my front loader.  I will have to continue to experiment with felting and my washing machine.  The sweaters are still useable, just different than I expected.  I'll post photos soon.


  1. Love the hat and booties.
    Don´t worry about the whole submissive and domestic thing. If my husband would ask me to wear skirts this summer I would do it for him and be glad that he cared about what I wore and that I knew what he liked. My husband doesn´t really care what I wear. I´m sure that he would like it if I fixed myself up more for when he came home but when I´ve been home all day with a 3 month old that nurses every 2 hours and a 2 year old that is testing his boundaries all day long I usually don´t look very attractive when he gets home from work. I say that if it works for both of you then go for it. Make your spouse happy.

  2. I love the hat and booties. I know what you mean about knitting commitments. I have one more bootie to make for my sister's baby and then... WHATEVER I WANT! Oh, the possibilities, but what do I want? Maybe I'll make myself a pair of French Press Slippers as well and we can be twins, lol! My husband loves when I wear skirts too. Don't tell him I said this, but he said he wishes they made them for men. I guess he wants to wear something light and breezy as well. They are just perfect for summer heat.