Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Updates

This weekend was a busy one filled with minor home renovations, reorganization and a little bit of relaxing. 

I put in a little time knitting and a little more time cutting up fabric squares for the I-Spy Swap.  I am half done the swap squares and I've run out of on hand fabric so a trip to the fabric store is definitely in order!

I finished knitting 2 hats (one gift, one to keep) and I'm finishing up a pair of Robeeze type booties to go with the gift hat as well.  I just want them done so I can move on (French Press Slippers for me!)

We watched two movies this weekend.  The new Alice in Wonderland and The Blind Side.  I liked them both!  Alice was beautiful.  You could pause the movie at any given second and the frame would be perfect and gorgeous and beautiful.  I love that!

This weekend we bought a few things at a neighbours moving sale.  A ladder, some kids books, and these drawer units:

There are 3 drawer units in all.  The first photo shows 2 of them stacked.  They need a little TLC but I think they are going to be great for storing fabric flat and relatively unwrinkled.

I started painting one of them already and it looks a million times better.

Here are the books we got too:

I'm excited about finding some Robert Munch Books in french.  I LOVE Robert Munch.  He is a Canadian children's book author.  Do my friends in the States know about Robert Munch?  He's the best, you should check him out.  I think he has over 40 kids books.  I was reading his early books when I was very young and he's still writing books now.

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  1. I haven't heard of him, but I'm not too familiar with children's book authors. I should be... we've been reading lots of Dr. Suess is all. Do you speak French? I would love to learn. Maybe if I get kids books in French that would be a good way to learn, kind of the way children do.

    It sounds like a productive weekend. DH and I love movies. I always knit while watching, of course!