Monday, June 14, 2010

30 Day Sewing Challenge: Days 4, 5 & 6

This weekend I spent my Sewing challenge time working on the knitting needle case I mentioned here.  It's pretty much finished now, I just need to add some snaps to keep it closed. 

 I had added a fabric loop and button as suggested in the pattern but since my case is so filled with stuff, it didn't look nice closed, it wasn't secure enough.  I think a few snaps across the top will do the job and keep the case flatter.

I used the recommended tutorial for installing a zipper pocket for the inside zipper pocket. I wasn't entirely happy with the result (shown below).

 For the outside zipper pocket I just did my own thing and it turned out much better. This is probably because it wasn't my first zipper pocket ever anymore.
I added the external zipper pocket (shown with a green interior) so I could also carry things like scissors, darning needles, a needle gauge, etc.  When it is filled with stuff it is definitely bulky, but since the purpose of this case is to carry everything I need, I'm happy.

I made needle pockets for every size of needle Knitpicks carries.  I don't have all sizes, but I assume I will get them at some point.  For now they are holding a pencil and lip balm.  I also made a few tiny pockets for cable needles and the few crochet hooks I have.

I wanted to make this case because we are going away at the end of the month.  My husband will be working several of the days we are away and I will be hanging out at the resort hotel (paid for by his work!) - swimming and knitting. 

I wanted to have everything I needed in one place for this trip, and now I will!

Here is one final photo of the whole thing:


  1. Wow! I really like! You inspire me to make my own case. God knows I have the material to make it. I guess that is my next project after I make my son a case for his cars.

  2. Your case looks great!! It certainly looks as though you can fit everything you need! I had a dream last night that the case I'm working on was a flop and wouldn't shut. I shouldn't work on my sewing so close to bedtime! lol

  3. It turned out so well! Great job!

    Swimming and knitting huh? You two are going on the vacation of my dreams!