Monday, June 7, 2010

More Storage

Remember a few weeks ago I showed you some drawer units I picked up at a garage sale?

Here are two photos to refresh you:

I have been working on sprucing them up since then, and they are finally complete and in their new home!

I used about 3 cans of white spray paint (for metal surfaces) as well as some silver that we had on hand.  The drawer pulls were galvinized metals, which always makes my hands smell and feel dirty!  A quick coat in silver totally fixed that!

I had 3 drawer units in all, each is divided as shown above.  It makes for a lot of fabric storage, which I love.  I've got all my cottons in the unit now and have lots of room in the drawers still.

I used scrapbook paper for the labels and printed onto it using the printer (I cut larger pages down to a normal paper size to feed it through the printer).

I'm pretty happy with the final results an I'm very happy with the extra storage! It's so nice to have everything organized by colour and print / solid.  I feel like everything is ready at my fingertips.

I paid $20 for the drawer units and another $12 or so for the spray paint.  I spent quite a bit of time getting them looking like this, but I think it was worth every minute!

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