Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dying Wrap- Up

I enjoyed my first dying experience on Friday and Saturday so much that I decided to do a little more on Sunday.  I wanted some different coloured yarns for making some of my Felted Teething Rings so I cut some natural Cascade 220 into 10 gram lengths.

The first one I did in the crock pot, because the dye broke as I was mixing it.  I was going for a purple, so I chose the Violet that came in the wilton's box.  Apparently it had Red-40 in it, rather than No-Taste Red.  Red-40 "breaks" when you add vinegar (which sets the colour) and the purple seperated into blues and reds, rather than the combined purple.  I thought it would look cool dyed up though,  so I pooled the yarn up in the crockpot and poured the dye in.  I did add a bit of extra purple (using no-taste red and royal blue) because I really was looking for purple and not red and blue.

Here it is in the crockpot.

Skeined up, it looks like this.

I think it turned out really well!

The red I also did in the crock pot.  I used the No-Taste Red and even threw in some burgundy.  For whatever reason, it ended up a pretty solid colour.  That's just the way it goes sometimes, you never know what you are going to get.

Same thing happened for the green and yellow.  I dip-dyed these and was surprised with how uniform the colour ended up being.  I guess I should have left a little more of the skein out of the dye.  Oh well, that is what experiementing and learning is all about!

I still really love these colours.  I think they turned out great.

The final bit of yarn I did was also for teething rings.  This used two shades of brown (the brown in the box, and a darker one that I custom mixed using the red and green) and dip-dyed them.  These tonal skeins are by far my favourite.  Both the browns turned out really rich and dark.  I love this skein and will likely make more.  The plain brown that came in the wiltons mix is quite lovely (it is the lighter brown, and quite golden).

I knit up some of the yarn into teething rings already.  I wish I had the good camera because my photos ended up a little blurry.  Ah well, here they are.  Two sets of teething rings (I am keeping these ones).  I love how the stripes look when they are felted.  I also used Pancake and Lulu and natural Cascade 220 in these sets.  My project page is here.

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  1. Those skeins look awesome! You are inspiring me to try some more dyeing! Now I just need to find a way to get my sister to let me do it in her kitchen....
    The teething rings are so cute, and the yarn knitted up beautifully. What a great job!