Monday, July 19, 2010

Fabric Fantasies

Hi there,  How was your weekend?

Alain finally came home.  We've settled into a normal routine again.  It feels really nice.

Today I have been scouring for some new fabrics.  I chickened out when it finally came time to order, I worry so much about extra duty costs and the cost of shipping to Canada.  I really envy those of you who can take advantage of free US shipping.  Let me know if you are ordering anything from in the near future okay, I might just have you order me some fabric too!

I am going to Cambridge to see my parents and sister in a few weeks.  There is a really great fabric store there.  I am really looking forward to visiting the store and stocking up on some different fabrics.  It feels like fabricland has the same old stuff lately.  That's no fun.

I have started working on the I-Spy Quilt I am making for Mary's birthday.  Although I had 200 I-Spy squares to choose from, I had a hard time finding the necessary 88 squares required for the quilt.  I really recommend signing up for a few I-Spy Swaps before you start on your first quilt of this kind.  I am anxiously awaiting swap squares from Utah and California (400 more squares altogether!).  The ones from California should be here any day now.

These are a few of my favourite fabrics from  (click the image to see it bigger!)

I'm really into food, fruits, veggies, cookies, candy, etc.  I love the fabric in the bottom left corner.  It's a pregnancy cravings fabirc that has pickles and chocolate and radishes and ice cream.  That would be fun to use in an I-Spy Quilt.  If you want to see a bigger version of these fabrics, check  You can enter the code that goes with the image, for example, the pregnancy cravings fabric is DC-681.  A quick search should take you right to that fabric.  You can also see fabrics from the same line on the page.  I wish we had a site like this in Canada.  Does anyone know of one?

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  1. I found your blog through Susan B. Anderson's. What a cute blog, and clever idea!

    I wish I'd thought of knitting my way through infertility instead of charting all the time. I wish you the best of luck. I plan to "follow" your blog and check in often. :)