Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hello knitters!

I have been working on some Squishies in the past while. I just finished the biggest Squishie this weekend. I used my dip-dyed Cascade 220 Superwash for this project and it worked out perfectly!  I love how the colours knit up, almost in stripes.  I didn't really expect that!

The smallest Squishie is about the size of a ping pong ball.  It knit up really fast.  The medium squishie is smaller than a tennis ball, but not by much.  The largest Squishie fits well in my palm.  It took the longest, but still, not long at all.

I had fun with my new light box today.  I am still learning, please be patient!  I also need to pick up some different coloured backdrops.  White will just not cut it for me.  There are some shadows and the white isn't totally crisp.  I kind of like it that way though.  Somehow it just feels too stark if it is solid white with no shadows.  So far we are just using random lights I've grabbed from around the house.  We want to buy some new lights that we use specifically for the light box, but it hasn't happened yet.  Small, cheap desk lamps are hard to come by for some odd reason.

I still have plenty of the hand-dyed left over, even though I initially dyed mini skeins. I'll have to come up with something to use those for.

I stuffed one Squishy with cluster stuff and the rest with regular polyfill.  I ended up liking the polyfill stuffed Squishies better, they have a better heft to them.

The pattern for Squishies is by Susan B. Anderson

It is found in Itty Bitty Toys. 

Ravelry link here.

My project page here.

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  1. What kind of light box do you have? I saw one today but it was tiny - not nearly big enough for big knitting projects. It displays your projects so nicely!