Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

A few weeks ago, I was working on my Baby Washcloth Project using some discontinued Bernat organic Cotton. There were initially 8 colourways in this line (I think!) and I accumulated 6 of those colourways before the line was discontinued.

 When I started this project I became a little consumed with finding a skein of the two remaining colours so I could have a whole set of washclothes. I emailed nancyyarnwoman who I learned through the comments section of the yarn page had acquired about 60 skeins of the yarn on clearance.

Out of the blue (we had never "met" before) I asked her if she would share some and she said yes! I received my yarn this week (including some bonus stitch markers, very sweet!) and hope to finish the project off soon. I have yet to send her a thank you gift, but I'm well on my way to putting something together.

Here is the finished set of Baby Washcloths, 8 in all.  Any moms out there care to weigh in regarding how many handknit washcloths a baby actually needs?  There was some debate about this between my husband and I.  I decided one per day was enough.  These are going to be for baths only really, I have lots of wipes that I've already made for other messy stuff.

These are some of the first photos I took using my new light box.  We built it from 1 inch plumbing pipe.  I like the effect, but I'll have to keep practicing.

Coincidentally, a week later, I received an email from treearonson asking if I had any spare Bernat Cashmere Naturals in a certain colour way. My stash page indicated that I did, and indeed I did!
This yarn had been sitting around for a while, I made my first hat (for me) out of this yarn and I still had 1.5 skeins left. I had bought it on clearance for 99c a skein and I knew I wouldn't miss it.
 Since someone had recently been generous to me, I jumped at the chance to do the same favour. What was really weird is that I received the email the day before our long weekend, when I was getting ready to head to Cambridge to visit my parents. I was shocked when I looked at where Teresa lived and saw she lived in Cambridge too! What are the odds?
I was able to deliver the yarn to her myself and was rewarded with a Tim Hortens Gift card (so sweet). You can check out her finished project here.
I highly encourage this kind of generousity as well as asking when you need help.  I've never been very good at asking for help, but I'm trying to learn now.  I have yet to be disappointed when asking for help, the person I am asking always says yes and we both walk away happy and satisfied.


  1. Your washcloths look great, and how awesome that you got 1 of each colorway! :)

    X has a million washcloths (okay, maybe about 25), but way more than we need. I usually use 2 per bath so that one is used for body, and the other for his face and catching water when rinsing shampoo out of his hair. Even 2/day we have too many!

  2. We have a stack of baby washcloths, but I think we maybe used one. Total. I didn't give my babies baths every day, so by the time they took another, the washcloth was ready to use again. :)

  3. I use washclothes way more now that my son is older... As soon as we started solids, they were invaluable for cleaning messy faces. I'm guessing we use about three small clothes a day and keep one in our 'going out' bag.