Friday, August 13, 2010

Ravelry Friends

Aren't Ravelry friends the best? I am so happy and honoured to be part of such a warm, nurturing community.

Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts as I went through a hard time.

Things have been resolved, in a way. It's not really the way I would have hoped for, but it is what is best for me right now and I'm happy with that.

What I love best about people on Ravelry is their ability to just be there. To engage, to participate, to open their arms wide to someone they have never met in person, just because they can.

I can list countless examples of this, and I'd like to name a few that stand out in my mind the most (but, in no particular order).

Forum Swaps: The participants of most swaps are so sweet and generous, it amazes me every time. I have participated in swap in the Itty Bitty Forum. The companionship and effort and gifts received through my Itty Bitty Swaps are so special and generous. It's hard to believe these women aren't people who have known me for years.

Knit Gift Buddy: I've mentioned my Knit Gift Buddy Kimberly (AKA Cathcart) before. After I participated in my first Itty Bitty Swap I was so thrilled by the experience that I decided to ask Kimberly if she would be my Knit Gift Buddy. Someone who I would knit for, and who would knit for me, several times a year. I was so nervous sending off that email, after all, we didn't know much about eachother and we lived in different countries! I shouldn't have been, Kimberly jumped at the chance and we have been exchanging packages ever since. I find it incredibly satisfying to put togeter a package of goodies for Kimberly. I also always know that she is working on something fantastic for me too!

Blogging Friends: Friends from Ravelry often become blogging friends. These are people I see in the forums and check out their projects. I inevitibly end up at their blog and start logging on to check out what they are doing. There are lots of people like this (you know who you are), several of you have become great friends whom I talk with regularly, and who have been helping me through this very hard time. I am excited to say that I will be meeting one of you very soon (more on that later!).

I have a bunch of FOs to post and will have more over the weekend I suspect.

Check back soon for those updates!

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  1. I'm glad things are settling down! Enjoy the weekend :)