Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busy Bee

I finally have a big reveal regarding some work we have been doing.  It's still unfinished, but the room is clean enough now that I can blog about it.  Yay!

When we moved into this house, our guest bedroom looked like this:

It was very blah.  I could never find bedding to match.  It was a problem!  A while ago now, we started considered where we would put a babies room, when the time came (I'm not pregnant yet!).  This seemed like a room that made sense, especially since I'm keeping a death grip on my sewing room (the only other real option for a babies room).  I liked that there is carpet, so we can tread lightly around a sleeping baby.  I also like that the window lets in lots of natural light (but also has a sleeper shade).

We started thinking about doing some minor home renovations to get things ready.  Painting is something that is so easy to do and could make a big difference in our feelings about this room.

Weeks ago now, we chose a colour and painted.  We did that all in two days.  It was easy.  However, the last owners of this home were not too careful with where they splashed all that dark paint.  The trim needed to be repainted, the ceiling need to be fixed up.  That process took us forever!

We have since steam cleaned the carpet and we're ready to load some furniture back in.  I really wanted to throw out the old IKEA bed (it has been rebuilt more times than I can count!) and just bring in a nice, dark wood convertible crib.  But Alain has so far resisted. (We also intensely dislike the carpet, we want to redo our whole top floor, it was cheaply and quickly done for sale, and you can tell, but, one thing at a time, right?).

Here is the room now:

It needs to remain a guest room for now.  I'm considering doing some mod-podge on the back board of the bed with scrapbook paper.  I like this pattern:

The room is obviously super sunny and bright.  Hopefully a baby will still be able to sleep in there!

If we end up having a boy, I'll use more manly accent colours - chocolate brown, a medium blue, maybe orange.  If it's a girl there are lots of options.  I'll probably still use chocolate brown, as well as some pink and teal.

I threw my Patchwork Ball in there, just to see how it looked.

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