Thursday, September 23, 2010

Single Skein September: Single Skein Prop Hat

I promised my photographer friend this hat such a long time ago!  I haven't found time to work on it until now.  It was a perfect single skein project.  Since the yarn was held double, it actually took two skeins, but, I'm counting it anyways!

My friend asked for a hat like this (sorry, I have no idea where this photo came from, it's not mine, hopefully no one will mind me posting it):

She wanted it for slightly older babies that are able to sit up. 

I found the TEO Hat on Ravelry, and thought it looked pretty similar.  Of course, I'd have to extend the earflaps.

I CO in scrap yarn and knit the first 7 rows of each earflap that way.  I went on and knit the rest of the hat, decreasing in a round way, rather than pointed as in the pattern.

Once I had finished the hat, I could go back and knit the earflaps without worrying that I would run out of yarn.  I knit them to be about 8 inches I'd guess, decreasing fairly randomly, just eyeballing it.

I still had almost a whole skein left over and it's a good thing.  That is one big pompom!  I used the whole skein, plus some white Malabrigo Worsted, just for a little extra pop.

I don't have any good photos yet, but here it is anyways.

The rest of the details are available on my project page.

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