Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pre-Christmas Jitters

Christmas! I know! It's like Eons away right?  Well, why am I feeling jittery and overwhelmed about getting things done then?  I have no idea, I'm just like that.

All of a sudden it feels like I have an overwhelming number of projects to get done.  That is when knitting stops being fun.

I went ahead and made some project pages for each of the things I want / need to do over the next few months.  I've promised a few hats, that I should do soon since I know that I am starting to need a hat when I go out.

Big Flower Hat based on Thorpe but adding this big flower.

Penguin hat using the Cozy pattern by Alison Williams

Christmas hats for Gwen and Mary using Deer with Little Antlers.

Holland America Line Captain using Jean Greenhowe's Sailor pattern.  I really need to get working on this, who knows how long it will take!
There isn't much going on on these pages yet, but at least everything is laid out where I can see it.  I have all the yarn and I just need to get knitting!
Of course, there are always a few projects that I want to work on to keep too.
I want to finish off my Malabrigo Cargo's (free from Knitty).  I am halfway through the second leg right now.
I've also been wanting to knit Hey Jude by Amanda Kretchun. I really like what Sofiecat has done with the pattern.  Check out her boy version here.  My project page is here.
No photos today, just a lot of links! Enjoy!

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