Thursday, December 30, 2010

TTC Month 4 (October, 2010)

The Pre-Seed and FertileCM arrived and so did my period.  We were not successful in September.

I started taking the FertileCM right away (2 per day, rather than the suggested 3 per day) and starting taking my basal body temperature too.  This was very hard. My husband is a restless sleeper and after my parents left following Thanksgiving weekend, the dogs stopped sleeping through the night.  I was constantly waking up and could rarely take my temperature at the same time as is suggested for BBT. 

I did see trends though and surprisingly, Fertility Friend (an online tool used for identifying ovulation) put my ovulation day a week ahead of other online calculators.  I had read that this was a possibility, and one of the side effects of the FertileCM.  It annoyed me, because my schedule had really settled down and I was worried what a change might mean for future months. The only plus side was that FertileCM really improved my sex drive, and even though I was not set to ovulate for another week, Alain and I had been practicing quite a lot leading up to ovulation.

To make a long story short, this was the month we succeeded in TTC.  In spite of the nagging thoughts that I was too skinny and that I might have trouble conceiving, I got my first positive home pregnancy test on Sunday, November 7.

From now on, I'll be keeping a weekly (or bi-weekly) journal it'll be part of a series too, and posted after the fact.  I hope to get caught up with everything in the new year and publish real time. Once I can be sure that this baby is going to stick, I'll be excited to share everything with the blogging world.

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