Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Wrap Up and Pregnancy Update

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday Season.  I have enjoyed a bit of a blogging break to visit with family and was finally able to share our amazing news with them!  I hope you have been enjoying the scheduled blog posts about trying to concieve.  This series will wrap up Thursday and then I will be able to post about my pregnancy experiences so far.

I have a post from every week of the pregnancy starting at week 4, and will post those every Tuesday and Thursday.  Hopefully I can get another blog post or two in every week as well, just to keep things current.  Please excuse me if things seem to be jumping around a bit in the pregnancy timeline.  I don't want to leave out all the exciting things that are happening, and I can't wait to have everyone caught up with me again.

This week we took advantage of boxing day sales and found our baby crib set. I have been scouring used websites for months now, but never found anything that was quite right. This week, we saw that the Bay had their Gluckstein Home baby crib sets on for 50% off.  We found one we had admired in the past and snatched it up very quickly.  The crib cost us $250 (CDN) and we got a large dresser unit for another $325. When I look online, most used cribs cost at least $250, so I think we got a great price.

Both are to be delivered tomorrow and Alain and I are very excited to get them set up.

Here are photos of the crib and dresser in the store:

It's a little early to make such a big baby purchase.  We definitely reeled a bit, even though we know we got everything at a great price.  Ah well, a deal is a deal and we will need it eventually.

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