Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TTC - Month 3 (September, 2010)

Although Alain maintains that we're not too serious yet, I am.  I'm there.  I'm seriously ready to be pregnant.

My cycles are more normal and we can better schedule things now.  This month I'm taking cough syrup (expectorant) to help improve cervical mucous.  One other thing that has been weighing heavily on me is lubricant.

Did you know that all widely available lubricants slow down sperm?  They make getting pregnant a whole lot harder.  I know there are millions of babies conceived while the parents were using lubricant, but, I worry that we won't be one of those families.  I don't want it to be any harder than it already is!

We looked into safe options, Pre-Seed seems to be the only option out there.  It's not widely availabe and Alain bulked at the high price tag when we found it at a store in the US.  I broke down and ordered some online today.  I just can't carry on knowing our regular lubricant is inhibiting the sperm!  I doubt the Pre-Seed will arrive in time for this months efforts, so I'm thinking about using egg whites... Yes, you heard me, egg whites.  People do this apparently, with some success too (do read up on this before you try it at home, there are some risks involved). UPDATE: We ended up skipping the egg whites, I just couldn't get Alain on board... Surprise, surprise.

I also ordered FertileCM, which is also supposed to help with cervical mucous.  Who knew cervical mucous would be so important in trying to conceive.  It is, apparently, one of the most important things. 

I'm drinking copious amounts of water these days.  All in hopes of getting the perfect consistency cervical mucous.

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