Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TTC - Month 2 (August, 2010)

Alain and I continued to try for a baby. I estimated my cycle based on July's cycle length and we started trying again around day 10. We tried for 10 days straight! It started to feel weird and a bit forced around day 5. Honestly, we never do it that often!

I worried that this was all just guess work. I really had no idea when I was going to ovulate. I didn't want to not try, because we might miss the window, but could we really keep this up? Could we do this over and over again (month after month) if it didn't work this month?

A little doubt settled in. Maybe I should start taking my basal body temperature.

I continued to read "What to Expect Before You're Expecting" and considered all the little tips they offer. We were doing some things, but not doing others. We were still telling ourselves that although we were trying, we weren't too serious about it yet.

Towards the end of our marathon I had a few days with a very sore cervix. I promptly looked up the symptom and found out that it commonly occurred around Ovulation. That was a good sign! We BD'd every day during those days.

It was a hard few weeks after the Ovulation window closed.  We were gearing up for our trip to Florida, and I started spotting about 6 days after I thought I had ovulated.  That could be implantation spotting, it was right in the window.  It stopped before we headed on our trip and I rejoiced because I knew we'd hit the beach at least once.

I got my period in the middle of the concert we had gone to Florida to attend.  We didn't have any of my normal comfort items (like my bed, my heating pad) but Alain worked with what we had and made me a heating pad with hot water and a ziplock.  Bless him.

That was it for August.  My cycle seems to have regulated at least, around 35 days.

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