Monday, January 24, 2011

First Trimester Pregnancy Journal: Week 9

Last week Alain and I had our first ultrasound.  I was really excited to see the baby, to help it all feel more real.  This ultrasound was going to help date the baby, since my periods were a little irregular before we conceived, my OB thought it would be a good idea.  I had been taking my basal body temperature during the month we conceived, so I pretty much knew when the baby was conceived, but who I am to turn down an early photo of the baby?

I did not like having to drink all that water ahead of time.  I am already going to the washroom way more often (every 2 hours at night) and adding all that extra water was downright painful.  I did it though, I drank a whole litre and then waited over an hour until my ultrasound appointment.  I'm sure this step is more important when the baby is so little. 

The baby measure 220 mm and we got to see his / her little stumpy limbs developing.  The pregancy was dated exactly where we thought it would be, 8 weeks and 5 days at the time of the ultrasound.  Everything looked perfect, with both me and the baby.

The tech was very sweet and labelled everything.  You can just seem the little arms.  The baby had a huge head at this point (don't worry - that's totally normal).  We could see it's little heartbeat flickering on the screen.

I was surprised that the tech used the dopplar so we could hear the heartbeat too.  It sounded great and strong.  The computer counted the heartbeat at 170 beats per minute, totally normal.

Both Alain and I got a little emotional when we heard the heartbeat - how could you not?  I laughed though and screwed up the dopplar.  Next time I'll know better (we also have plans to record the heartbeat so we can listen to it later, and share it with all of you!).

Check out this post to see the photos and see why I am falling head over heels for this baby!

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  1. hey thats very sweet,
    and the feeling about the baby is like heaven,
    the love, the excitement...
    cant express...