Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Trimester Pregnancy Journal: Week 10

Baby Belly - 6 Weeks

Baby Belly -  10 Weeks

This week is week 10 and we are very excited because this week I get to tell my family about the baby!  It has been very hard keeping it all a secret, but with Christmas being so close, we really wanted to wait and share the news in person.  None of my friends from my hometown know either, it's going to be an exciting holiday season.

I don't think I have really mentioned the pelvic / sacral pain I have been having since about week 6.  It's unlike any other kind of back pain I've experience (and with schliosis, I've had a lot of back pain!).  I suffered through it for a while, but both my massage therapist and my physiotherapist have been pretty hands off since I got pregnant (no one wants to treat a pregnant woman it seems).  I haven't taken any kind of medication since I've been pregnant (except my vitamins) and I didn't want to fall back on taking tylenol to ease the discomfort.  At it's worse, the pain would be shooting up my back from my tailbone.  It would take my breath away and it was very uncomfortable.  Nothing I could do seemed to help.  I decided to find myself a chiropractor.

I had a chiropractor about 8 years ago now.  It helped with the back pain, but it always felt aggressive.  Having your back slammed into by a 250 pound man is aggressive.  I felt like I was addicted to the treatments, and never felt good when I missed one.  I pulled away from that type of treatment in favour of massage and physiotherapy.

I was definitely hesitant to go back to a chiropractor, but now I am so glad I did.  The treatments are more gentle this time around, and they are helping quite a bit.  There is still pain, but no more shooting pain, and it's much more bearable.  My body is changing very quickly, it's going to hurt, but I think chiropractic care will help take the edge off and keep my body more balanced.  The scholiosis (curvature of the spine) will definitely aggrivate things in my case so I've decided to continue witht he chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy (and shortly after too).

I'm glad that I decided to try the treatments again.  I really want to keep all medicine out of my system (and more importantly, the baby's system).  So far I have been able to do so and I'm very proud of that.

I am so thankful that this pregnancy has been so easy.  No morning sickness and very little nausea.  I have had food cravings (mac and cheese, and gummy bears!) and food aversions (first bread, which I love again), but I consider myself very lucky.

We took belly photos this week, you can see a bit of difference in my belly between week 6 and week 10.  You can also see a big change in the weather.  Bam!  Winter is here!

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