Friday, February 25, 2011

Pre-Baby Home Renovations

I finally seem to have my normal energy levels back.  I have gone for three days now without my 3:00 pm afternoon nap.  Since I am feeling more energetic, we are embarking on lots of pre-baby home renovations.

You already saw the nursery do-over.  Where we went from this:

To this:

(Obviously, we are still using this room as a guest room for now, the make over is in the paint colour.  We will be able to do more nursery work when we find out the gender of the baby NEXT WEEK!)
Now I have set my sights on the library / dining room.  Soon to become the library / craft and sewing room:

The Library

The Dining Room

The whole room, from the Dining Room

Our Dining Room is moving into our current tv room, our current tv room is moving to the basement (which we are currently working on finishing).  My husband is in charge of the basement and I thought I would tackle this area. 

We love the library, and are going to continue to use it as a library.  The dining room will become a great area for sewing and crafting.  I have plans for a huge table that the wee one can sit at (eventually) with me for lots of arts and craft adventures.  We are definitely installing a window seat (with storage) in the bay window. 

For now though, the main aspect of the transformation will involve a lot of painting (don't worry, we are going to use low VOC paint to protect me and the baby from those nasty fumes).

I saw this photo a few days ago and fell in love with the light green / dark green colour pallette. 

Since then, I have settled on our paint colours:

Ignore "Fencepost", that is just in there to take the third place, which apparently must be filled in Cil's handy planner.

The main walls will be in Precious Jasper, and the bookshelves will be in Veridian Green.  We'll likely leave the back of the bookcases, as is (white).  We plan to do a little minor bookshelf sprucing in the process, but nothing too major.

There will be lots of priming to do this weekend and eventually the ceilings and trim will have to be repainted too. I hope the baby is ready for some work!

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  1. renovation is a lot of work. make sure you don't get too tired, and don't smell the paint or the dust.