Friday, March 25, 2011

A little Sewing...

I have been trying to get back into sewing the past few weeks.  The truth is, at the end of the day, I rarely feel like sitting upright in a chair, sewing.  Weekends are better and I spent most of last weekend working on one project or another.  I'm really just an evening knitting sort of girl I guess.

This week I have gone back to painting in the studio.  Yes.  I am still painting.  The trim is taking forever, mostly around the window area.  It's almost done now though, so yay for that.

I made two pairs of baby shoes last weekend, but also finished up some projects that had been languishing.

These are some receiving blankets.  They are basic pieces of flannel, cut to size and sewn around the edge with a blanket stitch.  Super easy.  The letter one is 42" by 42" and seems quite large, the one with giraffes is 39" by 39" and seems more reasonable.  I chose those sizes because they are common sizes for swaddling blankets. These blankets will be used for swaddling, spit up, diaper changes and cuddling.  They will pretty much do it all so I wanted them to be large enough to be practical. 

I have enough fabric bolts to do about 6 more of these blankets I think.  I better get measuring and cutting.  I hope I can do a few at time as I find that part especially tedious!

I also finished some diaper wipes that I had pre-cut, probably a year ago.  They just sat and sat and sat, waiting for the little sewing they require.  Oh well, they are done now.  It was satisfying to finish up a few projects that had been sitting around.

Since I have an official sewing / craft studio, in the middle of the house for all to see.  I feel like I better make good use of it.  It is still not officially up and running, I have a lot to move into the space, and can't really do that until painting is finished and other stuff is moved out, but for now I think this is a good start.  It feels good to be back at the sewing maching again!


  1. I have SO many projects that have been sitting around for ages... I am great at ideas and starting things but get bored easily and have to take a break from larger projects. Now baby is on the way though I have felt a need to finish off as many as possible before he or she arrives, so I hope I can be as productive as you have been!

  2. You might think they're big for recieving blankets now, but seriously, I couldn't use most recieving blankets because they were too small. Bigger is always better!

    yay for sewing again!