Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Second Trimester Pregnancy Journal: Week 22

This week Alain and I took a day off work to enjoy some time together.  We headed over to Merrickville to do a little browsing and shopping and just to spend some relaxing time together.  It's a lovely place, but even better during the warmer spring / summer.  We found a lot of stores weren't open since they were still running on reduced winter hours.  Very sad.

We did go into a nice kids consignment store and found some cutie newborn sized onesies for $2 each.  Also, a super sweet jean romper for when we are out visiting.  Sadly, both the fudge store and the ice cream store were closed.  Good thing we had enjoyed yummy breakfast at Cora's before heading out.

We came home, had a nap, walked the dogs and enjoyed a yummy dinner of bbq roasted veggies and some pork sausages. It certainly feels like spring is in the air!

I cannot wait to put away my bulky winter coat.  No one can ever tell that I am pregnant when I'm wearing it, and it is getting too small to fit my growing belly.

We took the regular belly shot photos this week, but also took a few different ones, which I'm going to post here.

I love this photo of Penny and I, even though the light is pretty odd.  She is always ready for a kiss!  That's my girl.

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