Thursday, March 10, 2011

Swedish Fishy Leg Warmers

I recently finished another pair of baby leg warmers.  This pair was based on the Spilly Jane Swedish Fish pattern.  I used her fish chart and made up a pair of leg warmers!  The whole time I was knitting these I kept have cravings for the real Swedish Fish candies.  We bought a lot of Swedish fish during that time, and I kind of want more just thinking abou them.  Pregnancy makes me highly suggestable!

Here is my project page

Here are the finished leg warmers:

I used KnitPicks Palette for the project, and the only colour I don't love is the yellow.  It just doesn't pop quite enough on the background I chose.  Oh well!  I might do a hat in this same pattern eventually.... Once I get through the 14 sweaters I have in my queue.  haha


  1. I think these are absolutely adorable! :) Great choice on the fish! :)

  2. It's cute. It reminds me of stuff I see from pictures in the 70's. The colors, the pattern, I love it. I'm into vintage things lately :)