Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wall Painting Complete

Are you bored of hearing about my recent painting yet?  Although I still have to paint the trim, and the ceiling (Alain will be doing that!), the green painting on the walls is actually finished.  I snuck in and took a quick photo this morning before morning sunlight got too bright, so without further ado....

Alain has promised me I can change the light fixture into something fresh and fun.  On the right hand wall we are going to put our favourite IKEA Expedit shelving units (shown here, although ours are in the now-unavailable beech veneer) (2 of them will almost fill the whole wall) which will be amazing for storage.

This space will continue to be in transition for a little while, but for now I'm very excited to see how much progress can be made in just a few days.


  1. Oh I LOVE your room and the big window. Can I be a guest? Haha! I love the view outside, too.

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