Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Painting Update

I have a quick painting update to share.  Remember, I am currently in the process of painting my soon-to-be Craft Studio.  We are using Olympic Premium No-VOC paint and it is great.  There is pretty much no smell at all to the paint.  I found the primer smelled a little, for whatever reason, but it is a huge difference from the usual paint smell.  Olympic is well priced and available at Lowe's, if anyone is interested.

We had them tint the paint to match the chip I showed you here and they did a pretty good job.  We were worried it might be a little bold, but actually, I love it in the space so far.

Here it is:

So far I have finished one big wall and the wall with the window.  I have one more big wall, and one almost-non-existent wall to finish.  I'm hoping I can finish it off by the weekend, we'll see though.

Priming was the hardest part, and I had Alain help me quite a bit.  I wanted to get it all done in one go, so I could work slowly on the wall colour, so we did it all on Saturday.  It was a bit too much for my pregnant body.  Since then I have been taking it easy and working an hour or two a day. 

I'm not a great painter, but after applying the second coat the paint dried clear and flat, no weird blotches or light spots were left behind.

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