Friday, April 1, 2011

Busy Bee...

I haven't been updating the blog much lately, but I have been so busy behind the scenes.

The painting continues, but I have secured my husband as a painting partner for the weekend, so I'm hoping we can get to priming the library as I finish up that darn trim.  I know it will only take me a few hours to finish up the trim in the craft studio, yet I haven't managed to get it done yet. I would like to blame my current size for the slowness.  I have no work clothes that I can wear anymore.  I'm not really sture what I will do now that gardening season is upon us....

I have been doing some knitting lately, and a lot more sewing.  I have a whole slew of baby sweaters that I have yet to share on the blog, so without further ado, here we go:

I finally got around to finishing my Blue Stripes Sweater.  It was sitting around for a long while, just waiting for me to finish one arm.  I went off of this project because I didn't like the way it was knitting up in terms of its proportions.  The arms seem too narrow, as does the neck.  I'm not sure I will be able to get a big baby head in there at all!  Ah well, we'll see I guess.  It does look a lot better now that it has been blocked.

I am in love with my Malabrigo Mossy .  It knit up really quickly and is super cute.  I want to make another one in a cardigan version.  This is from the pattern Mossy by Jolene Lye.  It's free.  You should check it out!

I also adore how this Butterfly Baby Sweater turned out.  It is made from Patons Bamboo Baby.  I got a lot of this at a factory sale last year, and this is the first project I have used it for.  It's super squishy and light.  It really has a cotton feel to it, but it's not cotton, which is great, because cotton really hurts my hands.

The pattern was quick and easy but is only available in newborn size.  I'd love to see bigger sizes!  It's free too.

I love the yarn I used in my Violet Sophisticate but I wish the sweater had turned out a little longer.  I blocked it pretty heavily to get it this long, and it still looks a little short to me.  I used way less than the 255 yards suggested in the pattern.  I sort of hate it when that happens.  I ordered enough yarn based on the pattern, and it was way too much.  I know I can make a hat or something, but I patterns had more accurate yarn amounts.  Maybe I could have used stash yarn for this project?

Finally, is my That's Just Plummy Sweater, using the Snug Pattern (also free).  I added a zip, because I'm crazy like that.  This pattern was really unique to knit.  It kept me guessing, that's for sure.  Again, I wish it were longer.  I think this one still needs a good block too.

That was a bit of sweater overload for me.  So I've been working on some other stuff lately.  I do need to make some larger sizes if baby is going to be outfitted all year long though!


  1. Adorable! I just love little babies in hand knit sweaters!

  2. You have been busy... and put me to shame! I have almost finished crocheting my first baby blanket, but have another one half finished and a patchwork playmat that still needs quilting... I am so bad at finishing projects! The sweaters are all adorable, what a lucky baby!

  3. Beautiful sweaters! Your going to have one cozy warm baby! I've been mulling over making the baby sophisticate sweater for the more than a year but somewhere in the pattern it states that the sweater runs really small per other knitters comments. I don't know much about modifying a pattern to my liking so I never started on it. It looks wonderful!