Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not a Brown Bag...

I finished this project up for a while, but for whatever reason, never got around to sharing it on the blog.

Ever since I have been pregnant, I have been a big snacker.  I've always been a big snacker really, but now that I am pregnant, when I need to eat, I need to eat.  I got tired of carrying around all these snacks, usually things like fruit bars, granola bars, apple sauce, juice boxes, dried fruit and nuts.  I have enough clunking around in my purse without adding all that extra stuff. 

I have been getting yarn as part of the Pancake and Lulu Yarn Club all year (my membership is sadly about to run out) and I wanted a great way to be able to showcase a lot of the colours, and use up a lot of bits I had left from other projects.  This yarn is 100% Merino, and is Organic too.  It is super yummy and Amy has kept me looking forward to my yarn all year long.

I decided to make myself a snack bag, using the popular Brown Bag pattern from Knitty a few years ago.

This ended up being a much bigger project than I'd imagined.  The bag is felted, so you knit it big and then shrink it.  It turned out to be a lot of knitting and a lot of ends to sew in.  It was also a really great stash buster.

I made my bag slighly larger than the pattern, casting on 35 instead of the recommended 25.  The finished bag is sizable, but it's something I'm sure I will continue to use for a long time.  Did you know that wool has great insulating properties?  Always a bonus when storing food!

My project page is here.

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  1. Oh what a fantastic idea! My morning sickness was horrendous and I barely managed to get out of bed some days, and my bedside table was littered with various snacks to try and ease the symptoms. Now of course I am going out to work over lunchtime each day and try to cram snacks in my teeny little handbag and they never fit. I may have to invest in finding (or making) a snack bag!