Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Second Trimester Pregnancy Journal: Week 27

I feel like this pregnancy is speeding up and progressing at warp speed. 

Of course, I get uncomfortable carrying around baby (and +25 extra pounds!), I get tired and out of breath more easily.  Overall though, this pregnancy has been such an amazing experience.  I get to feel my baby growing stronger every day.  I get to watch her (through my belly) and feel her inside. 

We have been working hard around the house to get things back on track.  Lately we have so many projects on the go that furniture has been displaced everywhere.  That should change soon enough since we are finishing up the drywall in the basement and soon we will be able to prime and paint. 

This weekend a friend of ours primed the library for me and Alain has since tackled the painting.  I wanted to do it all myself, and I helped with the time consuming job of painting around windows, doors and baseboards, but I had to realise the limitations this baby (and belly) is putting on my physically.  I can't contort my torso or bend in ways I used to be able to.  Alain really stepped up without complaint and finished the job.

Of course, there is still trim to paint, and those bookshelves...  I'll probably do some trim over the next little while, but the bookshelves are going to have to wait while we wrap up other projects.  I'm thinking it might be a good project for my parents when they are here helping out after baby is born. 

I mostly can't believe that this weekend is my baby shower!  We are going to my hometown 6 hours away for the last time without baby and we scheduled the shower to coincide with the long weekend. It's a busy weekend for everyone, but I think we are going to have a good turnout.  I'm excited to see everyone and visit, and to have them see my belly, but I'm also excited because once the shower is over, I can take stock and figure out what we still need.

We have been buying bits and pieces as we see them for good prices.  I got the newborn-to-toddler rocker that I have been wanting for $5 last week because it was missing the hangy toys.  No problem, I put on a few of my own.

Yesterday we picked up baby gates, mostly to keep doggies out of certain areas in the near future.  They were regularly priced at $60 and we paid $30 each on sale.

I've also been sewing a fair bit, and have a few projects to share (coming soon).  I still need to tackle some travel sized wet bags, but most of my major sewing projects are finished.

Here are my belly shots from last week:

I swear that I never realise how big I am until I see these photos!  haha.

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