Friday, May 20, 2011

Maternity Must Haves

I thought it might be helpful to post a few Must-have items over the next few weeks.  Friday seems as good a day as any!  Please note, I'm not getting paid to advertise these items, I just want to share some things I found truly useful throughout my pregnancy.

Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow

I was totally skeptical about this pillow, and I still don't love it, but I do need it.

 I use it in 4 ways:
  • Sitting up in bed before sleeping.  I have the curly underneith my legs and the flatter end behind my back.  It offers nice support (in addition to my regular pillow, propped up behind me).
  • Sleeping facing the closed side.  This is how I use the pillow most often.  The flatter end is at my head and the curly bit wraps between my knees and behind me.  I can use the bit behind me for a little support during side sleeping, and I prop by belly on the pillow in front of me.  I actually sleep with my head on the snoogle and skip my usual pillow.
  • Sleeping facing the open side.  This offers lots of back support, but the snoogle is flexible enough that I can pull the curly end up to be under my tummy too.  I've been using the pillow more this way lately, with the open side towards the edge of the bed (otherwise I have to pull myself over the pillow to get out of bed to use the washroom, which I am doing every 2 hours these days, and it's a lot of work!
  • Sleeping on my back.  Yep, I still do this, the midwife said it's okay, so I do it.  My head is on the flatter end and the curly end is under my knees.  I usually put my shoulder under the snoogle.
I'm not going to lie.  Snoogle takes up a lot of room in the bed.  We have a queen, and I feel bad to crowd Alain out, he's gotten used to it though, and doesn't complain too loudly these days!

Snoogle includes a removable washable cover.  I have to have Alain help me put it back on after washing, because it's a bit of  a nightmare with the curly end and the sheer narrow length of it.  I have the pregnancy grumpies, so having backup help is definitely recommended!

The Leachco website has an info page showing some other positions the pillow can be used in, which is nice.  It includes uses for the young and old including one pose for use during breastfeeding.

A Snoogle will run you about $60, but it's probably worth it (it is to me!).  I actually found mine in almost new condition for $25.  If you're comfortable with that sort of thing.

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